About Us

ECCC India provides standards, experience and courses with an Internationally accredited certification.

Ryszard Woś

Chairman of the Board, ECCC Foundation

Ryszard Wos is the Chairman of the ECCC Foundation Board. Leader and manager, 15 years in public administration, almost 20 years in non-profit sector, including 10 years in IT certification.

Under his leadership, DigComp (Digital Competence Framework) has been implemented in Poland and is used since 2016.

Several times awarded, including the Knight’s Cross of Polonia Restituta (one of the top Polish oders), by President of Poland, for his merit for digital society development.


In 2020, Mr.Rysard Woz signed an agreement with The Preventia Group of Companies represented by it’s Chairman Dr.A S Hareesh, thereby bringing ECCC to India.

Dr. Hareesh A S

Country Head of ECCC India

“We live in a digital world. The education sector is also concentrated more on digital education due to its implementation in all areas of life. With digitalization, the world becomes more interactive, communicative and converts as a global village. 

The dreams of an employer or business man, are global and at the same time our rural consumers also convert as a part of the global market. 
The modern education and professional world requires international standards and certifications to compete with international market requirements. 
Our vision and motto are to develop a new generation of indian students and professionals to satisfy the requirements of the modern universe. 
ECCC India provides the opportunity for our students and professionals to get international certification for their Digital Education, Personal Standards and Experience. 
For the technical education centers & and job test centers we provide Quality certificates for their facilities and education standards”.

VPSRC -Jasper Edu

For ECCC Foundation, the courses & examinations in India are conducted by VPSRC -Jasper Edu. (unit of The Preventia Group).

This ECCC India unit will manage training centers, examination centers and certificate distribution to our students.

Our academic sector will conduct the Center invigilation, Syllabus verification for approval, Examinations etc.

The Business sector of ECCC India will manage the marketing & promotion team.